Go Above and Beyond Your Town Walls to Find the Best Dentist near Forest Glen for Your Smile

You don’t need to stick around your town to find the best medical care you deserve. Sometimes, the best choice for your smile is right around the corner – in another zip code! While Forest Glen certainly isn’t far, we want patients to explore and see what their smile needs with the help of our professionals at Cummins Dental Group. Learn more about Dr. Adrian Cummins, our Forest Glen dentist, and why our practice is the right choice for your dental health.
As a second-generation dentist, Dr. Cummins grew up in Barbados before attending the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill, continuing his education in dentistry at the University of Maryland. His passion for dentistry has been there since childhood, never straying, only strengthening. He strives for continuing education within dentistry, researching and implementing the best services, procedures, and technology at his office to give patients of all ages the most advanced, beneficial care possible. Whether it’s a simple routine cleaning or a complete smile makeover, Dr. Cummins has created a team that strives towards the same goal our patients have – share and maintain a healthy and happy smile.
invisalign dentist forest glen mdUtilize Invisalign to Straighten Your Teeth Without Traditional Braces
One of the most popular ways to straighten your smile is Invisalign, a revolutionary orthodontic treatment that’s available to teens and adults alike. You don’t have to be afraid of hiding your smile any longer. You’re able to eat, drink, brush and floss like normal – all you do is take out these custom-made aligners, then put them back in once you’re finished with those tasks.
These aligners are nearly invisible, comfortable, easy to clean, and easy to maintain. You’ll switch out your custom aligners every two weeks as your teeth shift into place before they’re in their preferred, desired position. Everyone’s treatment and smile are unique, so your time with Invisalign may range from six months to two years. Dr. Cummins will thoroughly discuss this with you, as well as any other questions you have, before moving onto the transformative service you’ve been dreaming about.
dental implants silver spring mdCompletely Restore Your Smile with Our Dental Implants
If you’re missing one or multiple teeth, don’t lose faith. You don’t have to avoid smiling around friends and family or avoid eating your favorite foods for much longer. With the help of our Forest Glen dentist, we’re able to replace multiple missing teeth and bring your smile back in full force.
There are different types of implants available, and since everyone’s smile is different, Dr. Cummins will discuss your options during your consultation. Whether you’re replacing one tooth or several, your treatment and post-operation care will vary, so we urge you to ask all questions you have. The success rate is 98% and with proper care like routine cleanings, checkups, and maintaining your daily dental routine, your dental implants will last a lifetime.
If You’ve Experienced a Dental Emergency, Call Us!
Dental accidents are scary and unpredictable – no one ever knows when it’s going to happen. Your first instinct is to go to the hospital, but there are numerous reasons it’s better to visit Dr. Cummins’ office. While the ER is certainly for emergencies, you’ll want to immediately go to a dental professional to treat any oral or dental accidents. Dr. Cummins provides emergency care, as well as a contact, for patients who have experienced a dental emergency.
If you’ve cracked or chipped your tooth and are experiencing an immense amount of pain, call our emergency line at (240) 596-4550. This can occur by grinding or clenching your teeth, biting into hard foods or candies, using your teeth as tools, or other incidents. If your tooth has been knocked out and you’re able to recover it, please carefully transport it to our office with you.
Cummins Dental Group offers other dental services, including porcelain crowns, teeth whitening, root canal therapy, and more. We’re proud to be your one-stop-shop for all things related to your dental care as Dr. Cummins serves as your Forest Glen, MD dentist. To schedule your consultation or appointment, call (301) 681-9111 today. We hope to see you and your smile soon!
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