For our patients who want to have straight teeth but don’t want to have to deal with metal brackets and wires, Cummins Dental Group in Silver Spring, Maryland has great news for you. Invisalign is the newest and best way to receive a perfectly straight smile in less time than braces and without anyone noticing.

Once you’ve come in and spoken with our dentist and you both have decided that Invisalign seems like the right decision for you, we will speak with you about your specific treatment plan.

Invisalign Process

Depending on the crookedness and severity of your teeth will determine the amount of time our dentist will set the Invisalign treatment for. Total treatment time averages about 9-15 months with a visit to our office to check progress every 6 weeks.

Invisalign is made up of sets of clear medical grade plastic retainers, custom-made to fit your mouth and tooth-colored dots of dental bonding that encourage movement. With Invisalign, you are given a set of these clear aligners to wear for 22 hours a day for about two weeks at a time. Within this time, the retainers and dental bonded dots work together to apply small pressure to teeth to get them to move.

You will be given a new set of retainers at the end of each two-week session if the movement is going as planned.

Benefits of Invisalign

Other than the main reason and benefit of Invisalign is that you get to have a perfectly straight smile in a small amount of time, we have seen other benefits including:

Braces can lessen a person’s confidence while trying to get their straight smile due to the awkward mouth of metal. With clear Invisalign, patients can maintain their self-esteem and straighten their teeth without drawing any extra attention.

Depending on your specific case, Invisalign has been seen to have a faster result than braces do.

With braces, patients are encouraged to stay away from certain foods because of the fear of breaking the braces or because patients have a hard time keeping their teeth clean with braces. With Invisalign patients can remove Invisalign to eat, brush and floss not limiting food.

Many people have thought of considering Invisalign but haven’t made the decision yet, let our dentists and staff at Cummins Dental Group help you seal the deal! We are here to answer any questions our patients in Silver Spring, Maryland have.