See how Our Silver Spring Dental Implants Transform Your Smile

If you're considering restoration dentistry, ask our team about dental implants! Our Silver Spring dental implants are the best way to restore your smile. Whether you've experienced tooth loss due to extreme dental decay or injury, dental implants give you back your beautiful smile. Dr. Adrian Cummins recommends dental implants because they provide patients with the most value when it comes to restoring their smile. Implants last for decades and are far more comfortable than other treatments. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of dental implants.
The Best Option for Your Smile
Dental implants are false teeth that connect to your jaw just like natural teeth. Unlike other treatments, dental implants fuse directly to the jawline. This is possible because of a titanium screw holding the implant in place. Titanium has a unique biocompatibility that allows it to permanently join your natural facial structure over some time.
Once the screw is fused securely in place, you'll come back into our office to have the dental crown attached. This makes dental implants the most secure and comfortable option when compared with other treatments. Dentures can be ill-fitting and cause trouble speaking or chewing properly. False teeth and bridges can be natural-looking, but they may need to be replaced every few years. Dental implants are long-lasting and durable, so they may be a better alternative than other options. Implants also improve speaking and chewing abilities since they act just like your real teeth.
Additional Procedures
Some patients require additional treatment such as jaw augmentation or gum and bone grafting. Bone grafting may be necessary to regenerate the facial structure before dental implants are inserted. This will lengthen the treatment time by several weeks, but without it, it's not be possible to receive dental implants. The jawbone could take several months to fully heal, but the benefits last a lifetime.
If a patient has experienced tooth loss, the jawbone will start to recede because there's nothing for it to support. Bone grafting reverses this effect in order for the patient to have a healthy and strong jaw. Consult with Dr. Cummins to find out if this service is right for you.
Our Silver Spring dental implants require multiple procedures to perfect. We'll need 2-3 appointments depending on your individual smile needs. That means an initial consultation, an appointment to attach the titanium screw, and a final appointment to attach the dental crown. Some patients require additional appointments before receiving an implant, such as bone grafting or gum grafting, but that depends on your smile. Talk to our team to learn more about your personal treatment plan. 
Replace One or Multiple Teeth
Whether you need one or multiple teeth replaced, dental implants are an excellent restorative option for any smile. If you need a row of teeth replaced, Dr. Cummins may suggest a dental bridge held in place with an implant. The implant works as an anchor to hold the bridge in place to give you a full-functioning smile. This gives you all the security of dental implants with a more accommodating option to complete your restoration. Schedule a consultation with us to determine what the right option would be for you.
Boost Confidence & Improve Your Smile
Our dental implants in Silver Spring improve your overall quality of life. Some people develop trouble eating and speaking when they experience tooth loss. This leads to having to give up some favorite foods or feeling self-conscious when speaking. Dental implants directly address this concern by giving patients a solution to their worries. Once permanently in place, implants help you chew hard or sticky foods, improve pronunciation, and boost self-confidence! 
Another benefit of dental implants is facial structure support. When we experience tooth loss, our facial muscles start to sag or wrinkle. When there's no tooth for the jawbone to support, it begins to recede. This causes a number of issues for your jaw structure and face and it threatens the security of your otherwise healthy teeth. The addition of dental implants promote a more youthful appearance because it offers solid support. 
Make an Investment in Yourself
Dental implants can be expensive, but they're an investment in your future. Implants provide you with a brand new smile that lasts decades without needing to be adjusted or replaced. That's why they're the most prefered method of smile restoration. Dental professionals and patients alike consider dental implants to be the most effective and efficient way to restore smiles. Other treatments and procedures may be more affordable upfront, but they may need to be redone in just a few short years. Talk to our team about your needs and we'll ensure you get the dental care you need when you need it. 
Schedule a Consultation
While dental implants are excellent for almost every smile, they may not be right for everyone. Some conditions may make you ineligible for dental implants, such as smoking or a history of poor oral hygiene. Patients who have chronic health conditions, diabetes, or heart disease may also not be ideal candidates for our Silver Spring dental implants. If a patient is lacking the necessary bone structure or gum tissue, we may recommend additional procedures. To find out if you are a good candidate for dental implants, call Dr. Cummins to schedule a consultation.
Sedation Dentistry
Our team uses a local anesthetic to numb the surgical site before treatment. Other forms of sedation may be available upon request or if advised by Dr. Cummins. This includes general anesthesia, laughing gas, or pain medication. Consult with our team about your level of tooth sensitivity or anxiety level so that we can better accommodate your needs.
Aftercare & Maintenance
It's essential to take proper care of your dental implants so that they stay in good shape. Just like your natural teeth, implants need brushing twice per day and flossing nightly. You should also rinse with mouthwash to ensure that all food particles and bacteria have been cleared away. Dental implants build up plaque and tartar just like the rest of your smile, so be sure to follow a good dental hygiene routine! Visit Dr. Cummins every six months for a dental cleaning and check-up. This maintains your healthy smile and protect your dental implants so they last a lifetime.  
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